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Invisible Bead Extensions 

What are Invisible Bead Extensions®?

Invisible Bead Extensions® (also known as IBE®) is an extension method which involves the use of hand-tied or hybrid wefts of hair applied using a sew-in method.

What sets IBE® apart from other extension methods?

The Invisible Bead® method was created with the health of the scalp as well as the integrity of the hair in mind. This method involves a unique track created to distribute the weight of the added hair evenly and focuses on giving the client as much flexibility as possible to ensure they are still able to style their hair however they'd like. This allows for extension wearing clients to have the maximum amount of comfort with minimal amounts of damage to their hair and scalp. 

Am I a good candidate for IBE®?

It is my personal belief that healthy hair is the best hair and while IBE® was created to ensure the overall health of the hair, the maintenance certainly isn't for everyone. This method does involve extra at-home care to be taken in order to give you the best possible experience, maintain the integrity of your natural hair as well as protect the actual wefts themselves. Think Invisible Bead Extensions® are right for you? Fill out the form below or click on the "New Client" button on the homepage to find out more about this service!


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